AIASMC Commitees Need Your Involvement

As an Associate member you will have access to a vast pool of resources and support regarding your career development through professional networking with peers and connect with like-minded individuals to learn, collaborate, and share ideas of professional interest. Your membership will have other benefits as well, such as exclusive discounts on products and services, access to member publications, as well many other valued opportunities.

As an Associate member you will also have access to the latest ARE study materials and resources through The Lending Library Program. The library is available free of charge to AIASMC members and is available at the chapter office. In addition, the AIA offers A.R.E. seminars, study groups contacts, A.R.E. study workshops at conferences, online instruction as well as other Registration Examination resources.

So who are Associates and do I qualify for membership?

Associate Membership is open to individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

Individuals not licensed to practice architecture, but meeting one or more of the following:

  • Hold a professional degree in architecture
  • Participate in career responsibilities recognized by licensing authorities as consulting credit towards licensure (interns)
  • Work under the supervision of an architect in a professional or technical capacity
  • Serve as faculty member in a university program in architecture