San Diego International Airport Rental Car Center

Architect / Firm: Demattei Wong Architecture, Inc.

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Awards:    Year:    Entry Categories:

Demattei Wong Architecture, Inc.

1555 Bayshore Hwy. #300
Burlingame California 94010

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Valerie C Demattei
(650) 692-9911

Architectural Firm


Project Location: 3355 Admiral Boland Way, San Diego, CA 92101
Completion Date:

The Rental Car Center (RCC) is a landmark 2,000,000 SF project that provides state-of-the-art facilities for Rental Car Companies (RACs). The articulated precast façade, glass storefront entry, tensile fabric canopies, and public art installations provide a striking yet cohesive element at the Northern border of the airport campus. There is also space to house a restaurant with views of the airport and San Diego Bay.

The RCC provides a high level of airport customer service and optimizes land use, allowing the dedicated shuttle system to reduce congestion on nearby roads and improve air quality. It provides the RACs with optimum operational efficiencies, effective functional qualities, and increased capacities. This 5,400+ car facility accommodates 17 RACs with ability to add more, and provides all companies with direct and secure access to all functional components of the facility.

RAC operations are consolidated into one facility that contains four major components:

  • Customer Service Building (CSB): Where customers conduct transactions. The CSB includes lobby, customer waiting/queuing areas, rental counters, and support. The adjacent pedestrian Cores provide vertical circulation, support systems and customer   amenities.
  • Ready/Return Area (R/R): 3 levels contain 2,795 vehicle stalls and associated circulation. The R/R houses customer service booths, exit booths, and support areas.
  • Quick-Turn-Around (QTA): Where rental cars are washed, vacuumed, refueled and maintained. The QTA includes car queuing, administration, and back-of-house. The 3 level QTA has 18 carwash bays and 75 fueling stations with an adjacent Service Yard for   deliveries, fuel storage and support facilities. A unique alternate means and methods solution achieved compliance with   prescriptive code requirements to allow multiple fuel dispensing on multiple levels within the structure. This included a specialty   fire suppression system, rated construction, and containment measures.
  • Staging/Storage Area (SSA): 4th level staging/storage of cars during peak rental/return periods.

LEED Gold Certification is anticipated.

Architect: Tony Demattei, Demattei Wong Architecture, 650-692-9911

Structural: Parsons Brinckerhoff, 619-338-9376

Structural, columns and beams:

Simon Wong (Kleinfelder), 619-831-4600


Parsons Brinckerhoff, 619-338-9376

Electrical: Parsons Brinckerhoff, 619-338-9376

Landscape: KTU+A, 619-294-4477

Civil: Parsons Brinkerhoff, 619-338-9376

General Contractor:

Austin-Sundt Joint Venture, 619-321-4800

Program Manager: Kimley-Horn, 619-234-9411

Lighting Design:

Parsons Brinkerhoff, 619-338-9376

Signage: Carrier Johnson, 213-236-0177

Cost Estimator: Cumming, 888-676-3211

Specifications Consultant: HALL Building Information Group, 214-491-7385

Sustainability Consultant: Brightworks, 503-290-3000

Fueling, Carwash, Vehicle Maintenance Consultant: Blymyer Engineers, 510-521-3773

BIM Coordinator: Carrier Johnson, 213-236-0177

Artist – Interior Cores: Amy Landesberg

Artist – Exterior: Christian Moeller

RAC Representative: Jacobson|Daniels, 734-961-3200

Life Safety Consultant: Jensen Hughes, 410-737-8677

Photographer(s): Pablo Mason, 619-944-1239,; Brian Williams, 949-636-9014,

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