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Plus1House ADU Technical Network

AIACA Technical Network is searching for interested parties to join in developing Plus1House. This will be a public facing website for California homeowners to use as they consider adding...

AIA Grassroots 2019

  Grassroots 2019 is AIA’s annual leadership and legislative event for elected chapter leaders and chapter staff. This year’s agenda emphasizes chapter and community leadership with workshops designed to...

AIA COD Conference San Francisco

  2019 Conference Theme: “The innovators and maintainers” Innovation in Architecture, Infrastructure, & Technology Registration Open!  Read more at AIA Committee on Design!  SAN FRANCISCO Spring Conference | April 4-7,...

AIACA Housing Forum

  What is the real “crisis” in housing today? What type of design thinking might inform policy, regulations and advocacy efforts and influence decision making? We believe the power...

HEART of SMC | ADU Design Challenge

  Heart of San Mateo County, a public / private partnership that promotes affordable housing opportunities in San Mateo County, announces the GLADUR Design Challenge. The ADU Design Challenge...

2019 President's Message

  Welcome and Happy New Year to all AIA San Mateo County Members and Affiliates! Thank you for your membership and for your continuing support. Looking back on 2018,...

Recent Events

Design Tech High School

The Green Building Award, sponsored by SSMC and the American Institute of Architects of San Mateo County, will be presented to Design Tech High School for its sustainable design targeted to achieve LEED Gold certification. D.tech high school was designed by DES Architects and Engineers, a chapter member firm of AIA San Mateo County.

Get Started With an AIA Architect


“Design and construction are inherently exciting. There are few things more satisfying than a successful project. The secret to success lies in the professional, business and personal relationships between owner and architect. You and Your Architect provides guidance on how to establish and benefit from those relationships.

Click here to view:  You and Your Architect (pdf)


1. Getting started
2. Selecting your architect
3. The important choices
4. Services available from architects
5. Negotiating the agreement
6. Compensating your architect
7. Keeping the project on track

How Design Works For You

Prepare yourself for a rewarding experience with an AIA architect and get the tools you need to get through the five stages of design easily.

Go Green

Sustainable design makes a big difference. We’ll help you better understand the costs, show you great examples, and introduce you to AIA architects who walk the walk on sustainable design.

You and Your Architect

Hiring an AIA architect could be the best decision you’ll make for your residential or commercial design project. If you’ve never worked with an architect, though, you’re likely to have many questions. We’ll help you get through the design process.

Get Started
Find an Architect

Questions to Ask Your Architect

1.  What are the challenges for the project?
2.  How will you approach the project?
3.  How will you establish priorities and make decisions?


Consumer’s Guide to Hiring an Architect

The California Architects Board (CAB) examines, licenses, and regulates more than 20,000 architects used by Californians.

This brochure provides information on the following:
1. What types of projects do and do not require a licensed architect,
2. How to find and select an architect,
3. What the written agreement between you and your architect should contain, and
4. Budgeting and construction for your project.

Click here to view:  Consumer’s Guide to Hiring an Architect (pdf)

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