Executive Director
Jackie Tanner
210 S. Ellsworth Ave.  #645
San Mateo, CA 94401

E: exec@aiasmc.org
P: 650-348-5133

Monday – Friday | 10 AM – 2 PM
Or by appointments.


Founded in 1983, the chapter’s primary purpose is to represent local architects in public affairs and to be an architectural resource to the community. By focusing on community involvement and member support, we work to make sure that your concerns and interests are reflected in public policy matters affecting communities in San Mateo County.

AIASMC outreach activities include: community design workshops, an education program in San Mateo County schools, collaborative work on county projects, and earthquake building damage evaluation.

In addition, our scholarships to local students pursuing architecture careers and the Biennial Design Awards both support the future of the profession and highlight excellence in local architectural design.

Professional development is also a key chapter goal, with seminars about the latest advances in technology, building methods and materials or professional practices.

Personally speaking

We welcome as new members, both AIA professionals and those in related fields. Current AIA and affiliate members and their email or website links are available in the Chapter Directory.