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South Bay Construction

Project Location: 2995 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303
Owner: Old Trace Middlefield, L.L.C.
Completion Date: 11/30/2011

This project is in Palo Alto’s mid-town neighborhood. The property is approximately 20,000 square feet. The program was to demolish the previous BP service station and construct a new approximately 7,000 SF, two-story commercial structure with retail and office uses. The goals for the new building were to provide welcoming neighborhood retail, to reinforce the Mid-Town commercial district, and to incorporate sustainable building features and materials to respond to site forces and environmental factors.

To achieve these goals, the building façade is placed against the 24’-0” Middlefield Road setback, creating a landscaped forecourt. The feature, two-story retail façade, is highly visible from Middlefield and the entry drive to the Winter Lodge, giving the building presence in this otherwise suburban setting. The front façade of the building steps back at both ends to create entrance courts for the retail and office lobby. On-grade parking is partially screened at the side and rear of the building.

Second floor office space is accessed from the main elevator lobby on the north side of the building. The second floor features a large outdoor terrace above the retail space with an exterior stair at the rear. Roof planes of different heights step up from the front of the site to the rear.

The feature wall of glass at the southwest side of the building is shaded by deep canopies, awnings and sunscreens. These elements reduce solar gain and encourage an indoor-outdoor use of the building. A series of sliding doors are also incorporated into the design to provide access to the forecourt garden. A pitched roof creates a tall north-facing window that allows natural light to fill the second floor office space, as well as dramatic height for the high quality retail and office interiors.

The project is targeted for a LEED-CS silver rating.

Sierra Engineering Group - Jesus Sierra / jsierra@sierraeng.com / 510-487-9192

The Guzzardo Partnership - Gary Laymon / glaymon@tgp-inc.com / 415-433-4672 / Landscape Architect

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