HEART of SMC | ADU Request for Proposal


The Housing Endowment and Regional Trust of San Mateo County (HEART) is seeking proposals from qualified architects and designers interested in contracting with HEART to prepare one or more sets of plans for the development of green accessory dwelling units as part of HEART’s Green and Livable Accessory Dwelling Unit Resource (GLADUR) program.

The goal of the program is to make it easier and less expensive for homeowners to plan, design, permit, and ultimately build a green accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property. These designs will be available to the public for free, thus saving homeowners time and money on preparing plans and construction drawings. Homeowners can then reinvest a part of their savings in energy-saving features, space-saving amenities, and green building materials. HEART’s goal is to enable homeowners who would otherwise find the traditional ADU design and permitting process to be too expensive and time consuming to follow through with the construction of ADUs.


In addition, HEART will work with the selected architects to pre-review the designs with local jurisdictions in San Mateo County to reduce uncertainty and increase homeowner confidence in the approval process for their ADUs.

The deadline to submit proposals is 3:00pm on Friday, June 14th, 2019. To view the RFP, please click here. For Exhibit A, click here. For the consulting services agreement, click here.



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