June 27+28 NEXT/GEN Conference


NEXT/GEN Conference June 27-28
AIA San Francisco

Day 1: Thursday, June 27, 2019    Golden Gate Club@The Presido    135 Fisher Loop

Day 2: Friday June 28,2019    AIA San Francisco    130 Sutter Street, Suite 600

Join us for the 2019 NEXT/GEN ARCHITECTURE conference and be part of the ongoing conversation about projects and practices of the next generation of the architecture and design profession. From equitable and sustainable innovations to technological tools for change, NEXT will showcase Business, Design, and Technology sessions that will create inspiring and empowering experiences, feature interactive and engaging learning, and showcase emerging trends and innovations as part of the local effort towards a sustainable future.

  • Look for the next BIG IDEA for the profession;

  • Leverage technology in the advancement of design;

  • Integrate equity and social justice to the development and practice agenda;

  • Utilize the best of science in the development of new materials, including biology and chemistry;

  • Share the tools for design outside of the profession with the advancement of augmented reality and virtual reality;

  • Establish physical, economic, and social resiliency in the face of global economic and climate change;

  • Challenge and investigate new and emerging technologies for construction delivery;

  • Demonstrate new ways to practice architecture.

How can architects use their talents, tools, and values to meet these goals and how can the profession grow its relevance in the process? Be part of the discussions that look towards setting a new standard for sustainable urban development and how we plan, manage, and live in our communities.

AIASMC Members, please use discount codes when registering:

Full conference code: 2019NEXTPartner

Day 1 only code: 2019NEXTPartner1

Day 2 only code: 2019NEXTPartner2

If y0u have questions or need more information, please contact Alicia Arroyo aarroyo@aiasf.org



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