May 24th Deadline for San Mateo Planning Commission Application


The City of San Mateo has an opening on its Planning Commission and is keenly interested in having an architect in that seat, which will be vacated by Dianne Whitaker when she terms out on June 20, 2019. The lens through which an architect views projects, their depth of knowledge of design, and deep understanding of zoning laws is an incredibly valuable voice needed on this commission. Any help you can give us in spreading the word to an architect, living in the City of San Mateo, who would love to serve their community in this important way, would be very greatly appreciated.


The application closes on Friday, May 24, 2019 (must receive the application by 5 pm on that day).

The application can be found here:

Information about the Planning Commission can be found here:


Patrice Olds would be pleased to answer anyone’s questions or put them in touch with a current Commissioner or staff who could answer more in depth questions.


Patrice M. Olds, MMC

City Clerk

City of San Mateo

330 W. 20th Avenue

San Mateo, CA  94403

(650) 522-7042


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