Plus1House ADU Technical Network


AIACA Technical Network is searching for interested parties to join in developing Plus1House. This will be a public facing website for California homeowners to use as they consider adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to their home. 

Plus1House | Your Accessory Unit Resource Center

Technical Network Participation

The development of the Plus1House website will be assisted and advised by a Technical Network. This network is a volunteer group of AIA California members and affiliates who participate in the Network’s activities as often and for as long as they have the availability and interest to do so. Participation in the Technical Network may include:

  • Promoting the website
  • Leading local component level “Launch Events” with support collaterals
  • Vetting website content
  • Providing visuals / examples of successful ADU designs
  • Providing regional information on ADUs
  • Capturing the stories: successes; pitfalls to avoid; etc.
  • Connecting to others in the ADU realm
  • Vetting website prior to launch and providing ongoing feedback on website operation
  • Promoting ADU involvement in residential design awards
  • Advising on website content and tone

Information will be shared with and gathered from the Technical Network through participation on Basecamp, an online project management and team communication website. 

Those interested in participating in the Technical Network should email their contact information to Katie Dahl at The Plus1House Steering Committee will review and approve all Technical Network participants.

Plus1House is a joint effort between AIA Central Valley, AIA Pasadena Foothill, and AIA California; inspired by AIA National’s Blueprint for Better program.  This public facing site will help position architects as trusted advisors to California homeowners as they consider the possibility of adding an accessory dwelling unit to their home, providing new housing to California one house at a time.


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